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A list of 10 web development [Frontend and Backend] projects you can start building today, to supercharge your portfolio.


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When you first got started with learning web development, you must have gone through some tutorials, built a few projects from the long tutorial videos and many blog posts. However, those projects are usually not the best choice of projects for your portfolio for the following reasons:

Learn to write clean semantic HTML code

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So, if you got started with HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) 10 years ago, you are most likely used to the non-semantic way of writing HTML.

Semantic HTML simply means the markup code is easy to make sense of while you read through. This style of writing uses more descriptive tags like <section></section>, <article></article> and others, to show the different parts of your website structure in code.

HTML before the 5

Before HTML5 came along, HTML documents were a mashup of div and span tags:

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…Javascript Promises explained with practical examples


Before you begin this tutorial you’ll need the following:


Working with data from other resources has brought the need to deal with asynchronous operations, ie operations that do not run in sequence. In this post, I explain, in simple terms one of the ways of handling asynchronous operations in Javascript, Promises. By the end of this post, you would understand Javascript Promises in code and simple English.

What are Javascript Promises?

According to the official documentation:

A short and functional introduction to HTML for web development.


HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) is sometimes defined as the structure of web pages.

When you get started with learning web development, you are often faced with three things to learn:

In this post we will be taking apart HTML, understanding what it is and how to get started writing it.

What is HTML

HTML is a markup language. What this means is that, it is a language that uses special characters called ‘tags’ to create and structure elements of a website, like paragraphs, images…

Hello World!

This seems to be the trend, make the first post a ‘hello’ of sorts, so, hello there.

My name is Vanessa O, and this is my Medium post. I feel the need to tell a story so grab a cup of coffee/water/your favorite poison.

This is the story of my transition to a fully tech career.

It all started in 2007 when I read a book by Jefferey Deaver, The Blue Nowhere. …

Okeke Vanessa

Fullstack Engineer, Javascript enthusiast and lover of chocolate cakes.

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